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Welcome to the International Nubian Breeders Association website!!

The International Nubian Breeders Association is a not-for-profit organization whose purpose is advancing and
promoting the Nubian breed of dairy goats.

Through a vast collaboration of Nubian breeders across the country and worldwide, we exchange ideas and
cooperate in conjunction with other dairy goat enthusiasts and organizations to promote the
Nubian breed and dairy goats in general.

We hold an annual membership meeting each year and have an elected Board of Directors that manages the
day to day business of the organization. In addition, we offer various programs and benefits as well
as a quarterly newsletter to our members. Memberships is open to anyone interested in the breeding
or sale of the Nubian breed of dairy goat.

2018 Nubian National Champion

SG Woest-Hoeve FB Jellie
Exhibitor: Sonia Thyssen

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Welcome New INBA Members

Brooke Cartwright, OK
Lezlee Craven, OR
Julene Eddings, KS
LeAnn Harner, ND


Deborah Ivins, IN
Paul Martin, VT
Brittany Mousseau, MI
Sonia Thyssen Family, WA




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