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Brigitte Botnick


2003 District VI Specialty Show
June 28, 2003 ~ Bijou Goatkeepers Quad Show, Calhoun, CO
Annette Maze, Judge

Grand Champion, Best of Breed, Best Udder, 1st 2-3 yr. milker

Saada Bellfry's M'Lady Vampress, Saada Dairy Goats
Reserve Grand Champion
1st 3-5 yr milker

Goldthwaite Clematis, Goldthwaite Nubians
1st pl. Yearling Milker

Goldthwaite Brianna X,
Goldthwaite Nubians
1st pl. Sr Get of Sire

Get of Sire of Dear Heart's Omar
Goldthwaite Nubians
1st pl. Dairy Herd

Goldthwaite Nubians
Junior Champion & 1st pl. Sr Kid

Anointed Bling-Bling
Janice, Sara, & Randi Hiller
Res. Junior Champion & 1st Dry Yearling
Rosebud Hills Max Raindrop
Natalie & Ariana Marsh
1st pl. Jr. Kid

Goldthwaite Ribbons & Bows
Goldthwaite Nubians
1st pl. Int. Kid

Goldthwaite Simple Delight
Goldthwaite Nubians
1st pl. Jr Yearling

Desert-Willow DC Penny
 Jill & Joshua Thomas
1st pl. Jr Get of Sire

Get of Goldthwaite Merlin
Goldthwaite Nubians

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