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2016 District VII Specialty Show
May 28, 2016 ~ Evergreen State Fairgrounds
Daniel Young, Judge

Senior Doe Show:  
Class 1: Under 2 years of age
1.   The RWO Sophie Dustin Clarke
Class 2: 2 and under 3
1. My-Enchanted-Acres Tallia Kristine Struve-Hagan
2. My-Enchanted-Acres AKP Zion Kim Puzio
3. My-Enchanted-Acres RNBOSkittles Kim Puzio
Class 3: 3 and under 4
1. Blossom-Thyme LPL Calista Judy Bevaart
2. My-Enchanted-Acres EXC Ladybug Kim Puzio
Class 4: 4 and under 5
1. My-Enchanted-Acres Lady Gaga Kim Puzio
2. Lassenwood A Kharm Promise Judy Bevaart
3. Blossom-Thyme Reign's Siri Judy  Bevaart
Class 5: Aged Does
1. My-Enchanted-Acres Justn'Style Kim Puzio
2. My-Enchanted-Acres LMO Zenyatta Kim Puzio
Grand Champion Senior Doe/BOB:
My-Enchanted-Acres Justn'Style, Kim Puzio

Reserve Grand Champion Senior Doe:
My-Enchanted-Acres Lady Gaga, Kim Puzio

Senior Dam & Daughter:  
1. My-Enchanted-Acres Lady Gaga Kim Puzio
2. My-Enchanted-Acres LMO Zenyatta Kim Puzio
Senior Get of Sire:  
1. Engylskye Count of Monte Cristo Judy Bevaart
Senior Breeder's Trio:  
1. My-Enchanted-Acres
Kim Puzio
Dairy Herd:  
1. My-Enchanted-Acres
Kim Puzio
Junior Doe Show:  
Class 7: Junior Doelings - April-May 2016  
1. My-Enchanted-Acres Silver Rain Kim Puzio
Class 8: Junior Doelings - March 2016  
1. My-Enchanted-Acres Eminence Kim Puzio
Class 9: Junior Doelings - Jan-Feb 2016  
1. My-Enchanted-Acres Mischifmakr Kim Puzio
2. Dahlia May's Farm Rhea Kim Puzio
3. King's Kids Mistic Rhapsody Kaylie Jamieson
Class 10: Junior Doelings - 5/29/15 - 12/31/15  
1. Blossom-Thyme MC Flair Judy Bevaart
Class 11: Junior Does 1-2 years  
1. My-Enchanted-Acres Iwontdance Kim Puzio
2. My-Enchanted-Acres BT Teagan Kim Puzio
3. My-Enchanted-Acres Magic Thundr Kim Puzio
Junior Grand Champion Doe: (also BJDIS)
My-Enchanted-Acres Iwon'tdance, Kim Puzio

Junior Reserve Grand Champion Doe:
Blossom-Thyme MC Flair, Judy Bevaart
Junior Get of Sire:  
1. My-Enchanted-Acres Kim Puzio
Junior Breeder's Trio  
1. My-Enchanted-Acres Kim Puzio
2. King's Kids MT Sierra Kaylie Jamieson
Buck Show:  
Senior Bucks yearlings  
1. My-Enchanted-Acres Leading Man Kim Puzio
Senior Bucks 2 year olds  
1. My-Enchanted-Acres Blue Thunder Kim Puzio
Senior Bucks 3 year olds  
1. SG Englyskye Countof Monte Cristo Judy Bevaart
Grand Champion & BIS:
SG Englyskye Countof Monte Cristo, Judy Bevaart

Reserve Grand Champion:
My-Enchanted-Acres, Kim PUzio
INBA Nubian Youth Showmanship Award:
Kaylie Jamieson










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