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2018 District I Specialty Show
May 12, 2018 ~ The Nutmeg Classic ~ Connecticut Dairy Goat Association
Greg Murphy, Judge

Senior Doe Show:  
2 year old milkers - 5 entries
1. Beornings Pauraque
Christine Grant/Beorningswick
2. Rustic Woods LI Luna Eclipse Nichole Nadeau
3. Opal Baby Brooklyn Victoria Fiengo
3 year old milkers - 2 entries
1. SG Lakeshore Katerina
Grace Toy
2. Opan Barkie The Wonder Goat Victoria Fiengo
4 year old milkers - 2 entries
1. Hops N Lops Wysteria
Grace Toy
2. Descateaux 5-0 Candace Christine Grant/Beorningswick
Grand Champion Senior Doe/Best Udder:
Hops N Lops Wysteria, Grace Toy

Reserve Grand Champion Senior Doe:
SG Lakeshore Katerina, Grace Toy

Best of Breed Senior Doe:
CH Beornings Banaquit, Christine Grant/Beorningswick


2. Hops N Lops Wysteria Grace Toy
3. CH Beornings Velma Kelly Christine Grant/Beorningswick
Senior Groups:  
Senior Dam and Daughter - 1 entry  
1. Beornings Pauraque/Beornings Bananquit
Christine Grant/Beorningswick
Dairy Herd - 1 entry  
1. Beorningswick
Christine Grant
Junior Doe Show:  
Junior Kid - 11 entries  
1. Beornings Sjofn Christine Grant/Beorningswick
2. Beornings Black Phoebe Christine Grant/Beorningswick
3. Hops N Lops Bellonarii Grace Toy
Intermediate Kid - 2 entries  
1. Trynity Farm Beauty From Ashes
Valerie Higley
2. Trynity Farm Lady Diana Valeria Higley
Dry yearling - 11 entries  
1. Hops N Lops Diminuendo
Grace Toy
2. Beornings 'Akohekoha Christine Grant/Beorningswick
3. Beornings Blind Mag Christine Grant/Beorningswick
Junior Grand Champion Doe:
Hops N Lops Diminuendo, Grace Toy

Junior Reserve Grand Champion Doe:
eornings 'Akohekoha, Christine Grant
Junior Groups:  
Junior Get of Sire - 4 entries  
1. Blissberry Hawaii Five-O
Christine Grant/Beorningswick
2. Redwood Hills ATlas Drakon Grace Toy
3. M*L Legacy Fontainbleau Christine Grant/Beorningswick
Junior Breeder's Trio - 3 entries  
1. Beorningswick Christine Grant
2. Hops N Lops Grace Toy
3. Opal Victoria Fiengo




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