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2018 District II Specialty Show
July 14, 2018 ~ The Champagne Classic ~ Progressive Dairy Goat Club
Christen Adels, Judge

Senior Doe Show:  
Milking Yearling - 5 entries
1. King's Rock Pickin' Violets
Danielle Carolei
2. Hoofpaint Dairy Reba Diane Massarone
3. Willcare Under the Mistletoe Robin Gibbs
2 year old milkers - 5 entries
1. King's Rock Pomp & Circumstance
Danielle Carolei
2. J&M Hideaway NL Periwinkle Robin Gibbs
3. Lynnhaven RHK Coco Chanel Robin Gibbs
3 year old milkers - 6 entries
1. SG Lakeshore Katarina
Grace Toy
2.King's Rock Raindropss on Roses Danielle Carolei
3. Lynnhaven NM Midnight Melody Lynn Fleming
4 year old milkers ~  1 entry
1. Hops N Lops Wisteria
Grace Toy
5 & over ~ entries
1. King's Rock Double Shot
Danielle Carolei
2. Victory Meadows East of Eden Robin Gibbs
3. King's Rock High Speed Chase Diane Massarone
Grand Champion Senior Doe/Best Udder/ Best of Breed:
SG Lakeshore Katarina, Grace Toy

Reserve Grand Champion Senior Doe:
Hops N Lops Wisteria, Grace Toy

Senior Groups:  
Senior Get of Sire - 1 entry  
1. GCH Fox's Pride LFR Expresso

Danielle Carolei
Dam & Daughter - 6 entries  
1. King's Rock
Danielle Carolei
Junior Doe Show:  
Under 4 months - 8 entries  
1. King's Rock GW Play That Song
Danielle Carolei
2. King's Rock GW Pretty in Pink Danielle Carolei
3. Hops N Lops A New Hope Grace Toy
4-6 months - 7 entries  
1. Goldthwaite Bayou Rose
Robin Gibbs
2. Hops N Lops Bellonarii Grace Toy
3. Hoofprint Dairy Lunar Galaxy Katelyn Massarone
12-24 months - 6 entries  
1. Lynnhaven RHR Vera Wang
Lynn Fleming
2. King's Rock Knight Time Confit Danielle CArolei
3. Willcare Time in Eden Robin Gibbs
Junior Grand Champion Doe:
Lynnhaven RHR Vera Wang, Lynn Fleming

Junior Reserve Grand Champion Doe:
King's Rock Knight Time  Confit, Danielle Carolei
Showmanship Winner  
John Giarrusso




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