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2011 INBA News

2011 INBA Election Results
Monday, 10 October, 2011 16:43
President - Marshall Losey--35 votes

Vice President - Brent Deitrich--35 votes

Secretary/Treasurer - Caroline Lawson--35 votes

Directors - 4 Seats, Top 4 Listed are Elected:

Tim Pruitt--30 votes

Lynn Fleming--29 votes

Debbie Emholtz--25 votes

Paula Butler--20 votes

Other Candidates and their votes:

Donna Palmer--17 votes

Jonathan Welker--15 votes

Holly Buroker - 1 vote

Megan Treadway-Carter - 1 vote

Barb Regehr - 1 vote

A total of 35 eligible votes were received. In addition, we received three
votes from members who were ineligible to vote (either because they had not
renewed their dues or joined after the membership deadline for voting), and
two votes from members who did not identify themselves.

We would like to thank outgoing Director Donna Palmer for the time and
energy she has devoted to INBA for many years. Innovations she has
implemented include our PayPal account and the editing and printing of our
INBA brochure. And we would like to welcome new Director Paula Butler to
the Board. Her tenure will begin on October 17, 2011, the day the INBA
Annual Meeting is held in Grand Rapids, Michigan at the American Dairy Goat
Association Convention.

Thank you also to our election committee of Raspberry, Gayle Prentice Wood
and Stephen Wood.

Our percentage of online voting was 55%, paper ballots received comprised 45%.

President's Letter 4th Quarter 2011
Written by Marshall Losey
Tuesday, 20 September, 2011 14:57
Dear INBA Membership,

The weather is quickly changing and fall is in the air here in North Central Arizona. Bucks are blubbering and does are flirting. Breeding plans are down on paper and should start to become a reality, over the next few weeks. Many of the fall fairs and shows are underway and hopefully you are able to get your animals out to one last show before the end of the season.

Please remember to vote in the current INBA election of officers and board members. There is a ballot included in this newsletter or you can download a printable ballot on the INBA website or you can vote electronically through our INBA website. Website address is:

Please note that the annual INBA Membership Meeting is being held Monday, October 17th at 5:00 PM, during the ADGA Convention in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Please try to attend if possible. Please consider donating items for the INBA raffle, to be held during the ADGA convention. Items can be delivered in person to our convention table, mailed/shipped to the convention motel or sent to Caroline Lawson in order to be there by October 12th.

In peace and thanks,

Marshall Losey
INBA President

Update to INBA By-laws
Written by Brent Deitrich, Consitution & Bylaws Chair
Tuesday, 23 August 2011 19:04
The Board of Directors for INBA unanimously amended the Bylaws with provisions to accomodate online voting through the INBA website. The amended parts of Section III in the Bylaws are below in italics - the latest version of the Constutition and Bylaws is posted online here.

Article III – Methods of Elections:
Section 1: At least four (4) months before the date of the Annual Meeting, the President shall appoint an Election Committee of three (3) members. This committee will be responsible for ensuring that a nomination form is included in the 2nd quarter newsletter for members to nominate their choices for officers. Online nominations through the INBA website are also accepted. Logged in INBA members have the ability to submit a nomination form online, where it is stored in the INBA website database and sent to a separate email box where it is kept secret until nominations are closed and the election committee is ready to tally the results. At that time, the password for the email box will be released to the chair of the election committee. Only one (and the first) submission from each member is counted. For a family membership (two votes), each family member must have their own INBA online account and submit the nomination form under that account online. This committee shall also make necessary investigations to ensure the nominated candidates will accept the office if elected. The final ballot will include the two nominees with the highest number of nominations for each open position, and a space for write-in candidates. If any nominated person declines the nomination, the Election Chair shall contact the next person nominated, in order of nominations from highest to lowest.

Section 2: The Election Committee shall prepare the ballot for mailing to the membership, and the final ballot must be returned to the election chair postmarked on or before the second Friday of September. The ballot may be mailed in conjunction with an issue of the newsletter or separately. The ballot will be two-part, with a signature stub that is to be signed and detached, then mailed along with the sealed ballot to the Election Chair. The Election Chair will, upon receipt, verify the signature stub with the current membership list and attach the signature stub to the mailing envelope. The sealed ballot will be deposited in a separate receptacle until tabulation. The Election Chair will be charged with ensuring that the ballots remain unopened until the time of tabulation. For online voting, the same process applies as with nominations. The ballot can be accessed through the logged in member's account and filled out and submitted only once. Only one (and the first) submission from each member is counted. For a family membership (two votes), each family member must have their own INBA online account and submit the election ballot under that account online.The procedure for storing and tallying the votes is the same as in Section 1 above. Abuse of any of the online voting procedures by a member (submitting multiple votes outside of the limits of their membership, abusing the submission process, etc) could result in that member's online account being suspended by the board of directors.

Section 3: The tabulations of the sealed election ballots shall be undertaken by the Election Committee. The ballots will then be sent to the annual meeting. The total voting results shall be made available in the next newsletter of the Association and on the INBA website.

Section 4: Duties of the new officers shall be assumed following the completion of the old business portion of the annual meeting.

Section 5: Any Director or Officer may be recalled by petition of a two-thirds (2/3) vote of the membership with the right to vote thereon.

President's Letter 3rd Quarter 2011
Written by Marshall Losey
Wednesday, 17 August, 2011 00:00
Dear INBA Membership,

By the time that you receive this newsletter, many of us will already be planning our breedings for the next season. Kind of hard to believe that it’s that time again! With being so busy milking, feeding babies, attending shows and stocking our barns with winter hay, the bucks may have taken a back seat to the summer activities. Breeding season is just around the corner and this will be the most stressful time for our herdsires. Please be sure that they have adequate weight, trimmed feet, are current on worming, vitamin and mineral supplementation. It’s easy to forget them when they have spent the last several months being so calm, quiet and cooperative. That’s all about to change over the next month, if not already!

It’s time to think about election of officers for the INBA. Many of our terms are up and so please be sure to send your nominations to our new Election Committee Chairperson, Raspberry! Thanks so much for volunteering (with a little help) to this very important committee. Our volunteers are the basis for the INBA. Each and every aspect of our association is the result of someone taking time out of their already busy lives and volunteering. Sincere thanks to all of you!

Speaking of volunteers, I can’t help but to feel a little sad to inform everyone of Vicki McGaugh’s retirement from the “INBA Welcome Wagon” position. She has provided a wonderful service to the INBA and new membership for many years. Thank you Vicki! For the meantime, Caroline Lawson has agreed to fill this position.

The 2011, INBA Annual Meeting will be held Tuesday, October 18th at 5:00 P.M., in Grand Rapids, Michigan. If you are able to attend, we would love to see you there! We always welcome and encourage input and sharing of ideas from our membership. You are also welcome to contact any of your INBA officers and committees by mail, email, phone or on the INBA Membership email list.

I can’t end this letter without thanking Caroline Lawson, Kathy Goodin, Leslie Diaz and Brent Deitrich for your continued dedication and hard work! Secretary/Treasurer, Newsletters and the INBA Website are some of the things that make the INBA such a wonderful association.

In peace and thanks,

Marshall Losey
INBA President

Convention 2010 Photos
Written by Brent Deitrich
Friday, 25 February, 2011 16:09

INBA Table at the 2010 ADGA Convention, Tucson, AZ
The raffle raised $905. Thanks to all who donated!!!

Lynn Fleming's new addition to her herd!

(Bottom 3 photos courtesy of Caroline Lawnson)

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