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2012 INBA News

2012 Election Results
Written by Marshall Losey
Wednesday, 24 October 2012 17:03

I would like to thank each of the candidates for your time, consideration and willingness to serve on the INBA Board of Directors.

Based on the final voting tally:

Kathy Goodin and Leslie Diaz will continue to serve on the INBA Board of Directors and we welcome Anne Jones and Kelsey Payne as new members to the INBA Board.

Sincerest of thanks goes to both Mary Clarke and Donna Palmer, who have given countless hours of of service to the INBA over many years.

Final Election Results are:
Kathy Goodin: 25
Anne Jones: 18
Leslie Diaz: 16
Kelsey Payne: 15
Josiah Klinedinst: 12
Jon Welker: 10

Nubian Sires Represented at 2012 National Show
Written by Stephanie Pieck
Wednesday, 01 August 2012 14:50

The 2012 national show in Loveland, CO, is now behind us. Here's a list of the 131 Nubian sires whose daughters appeared in the placings books either in the Nubian show or the Recorded Grade show. The number of junior or milking daughters is given for each one after his name.

Anyone who doubts the diversity of the Nubian gene pool need only note that 59 of these sires are appearing in the placings records for the first time. We have records for sires' represented at national shows dating back to 1962. An asterisk before a buck's name indicates that this is the first appearance of his daughters at a national show.

If your does placed but didn't make it into the placings books, e-mail me their information and I'll gladly add it. Exhibiting at a national show is hard work; the breeding and management of goats it takes to get there isn't easy, either, and I believe that everyone who does it, whether they're a large-scale breeder or a 4-H kid with just one or two animals, deserves to be recognized.

Congratulations to all, and I'm looking forward to 2013.

Stephanie Pieck

Alize Charleston Chew (N1542582; 1 milking daughter)

* Alize Hollywood Knight (N1534984; 2 junior daughters)

Alize Kause N Khaos (N1534987; 3 junior daughters)

* Alize Kharm Personified (N1499945; 1 milking daughter)

* Alize Take It to the Limit (N1534983; 1 junior daughter)

* Amberwood Patriot's TNT (N1329892; senior get--no individual daughters placed)

* AZ Apache Valley PJ Justa Raz (N1373799; 1 milking daughter)

* Bee's Buzz Babes Fireworks (N1575516; 1 junior daughter)

* Blissberry Rock Hard (N1514462; 2 junior daughters)

* Chigger-Hill Roy Orbi-Son (N1529188; 1 junior daughter)

Chigger-Hill Samson (N1256169; 1 milking daughter)

* Colorado Caprine Constantine (N1556115; 1 junior daughter)

Copper-Hill Breakaway's Sonset (N1253010; 4 daughters--1 junior, 3 milking)

Copper-Hill Brkaways Red Rover (N1229378; 1 milking daughter)

* Dechant-Colony Lyonwood (N1404399; 1 junior daughter)

Desert-Caper Classic Tradition (N0835485; 1 milking daughter)

* Dorsey-Lane GD Tazer (N1473946; 3 junior daughters)

* Dream Girls SW Bad Romance (N1573420; 2 junior daughters)

* Dream Girls SW Hidalgo (N1515216; 7 junior daughters)

Foxwood R O Rave On (N1156265; 1 milking daughter)

* Goldthwaite Barishnikov (N1462203; 1 milking daughter)

Goldthwaite Benz (N1443487; 2 junior daughters)

Goldthwaite Bootonniere (N1431971; 3 daughters--2 junior, 1 milking)

Goldthwaite C'estmagnifique (N1267761; 4 milking daughters)

Goldthwaite Cochise (N1339796; 1 milking daughter)

Goldthwaite Enchantor (N1391063; 2 daughters--1 junior, 1 milking)

* Goldthwaite Heyoehkah (N1408319; 1 milking daughter)

Goldthwaite Intrepid (N1263326; 1 milking daughter)

* Goldthwaite Jewellburt (N1476029; 1 junior daughter)

Goldthwaite M M Andalusia (N1179005; 1 milking daughter)

Goldthwaite Majesty (N1375762; 1 junior daughter)

* Goldthwaite Pursuit (N1482198; 1 junior daughter)

Goldthwaite Tied Up in Silver (N1252255; 1 milking daughter)

* Greenley Meadow Marvis (N1434514; 1 junior daughter)

* Heritage-Song Barbed Wire (N1524121; 1 milking daughter)

Iron-Owl Bluebeard (N1442781; 4 milking daughters)

J&R Spirit's Dakota Maxim (N1473764; 2 daughters--1 junior, 1 milking)

J&R Spirit's Dakota Playboy (N1452155; 7 daughters--6 junior, 1 milking)

Jacobs Pride Cloud Chaser (N1276223; 1 milking daughter)

Jacobs Pride Peanut (N1226923; 1 milking daughter)

Jacobs Pride Rock Show (N1276228; 1 milking daughter)

* Jacobs Pride Rudolph Valentino (N1405604; 1 milking daughter)

Jacob's-Pride Showman (N1152586; 2 daughters--1 junior, 1 milking)

Jacobs Pride Star Dancer (N1277858; 1 milking daughter)

* JHFarms Crunch's Who Dat (N1515128; 1 junior daughter)

Kastdemur's Almost Famous (N1281692; 1 milking daughter)

Kastdemur's AM Mojito (N1474514; 1 milking daughter)

Kastdemur's Arminius (N1230557; 1 milking daughter)

Kastdemur's Audacious (N1244028; 2 milking daughters)

* Kastdemur's Californication (N1478712; 2 daughters--1 junior, 1 milking)

* Kastdemur's Extraordinaire (N1563737;1 junior daughter)

Kastdemur's Finale Encore (N1223325; 1 milking daughter)

* Kastdemur's Full Banner (N1418694; 1 junior daughter)

Kastdemur's Full Disclosure (N1344263; 1 junior daughter)

Kastdemur's Hasta La Vista (N1373327; 2 daughters--1 junior, 1 milking)

* Kastdemur's Kal-El (N1424731;1 junior daughter)

Kastdemur's King of the Hill (N1358094; 1 milking daughter)

Kastdemur's Kool Breeze (N1418695; 1 milking daughter)

Kastdemur's Most Wanted (N1442915; 5 daughters--3 junior, 2 milking)

Kastdemur's Time in a Bottle (N1461547; 2 junior daughters)

Kastdemur's Viento (N1455078; 3 milking daughters)

* Kastdemur's Vino (N1480902; 1 junior daughter)

* Kastdemur's Voodoo (N1480904; 1 milking daughter)

Kismet Crazy 8's (N1356149; 1 milking daughter)

Kismet Hero's User Friendly (N1085702; 2 milking daughters)

Kismet Kristen Karlos (N1207486; 1 milking daughter)

Kismet Marvins Smooth Operator (N0711303; 1 milking daughter)

* Lakeshore Bold Endeavor (N1514547; 1 junior daughter)

Lakeshore DL Perfect Storm (N1430017; 3 daughters--1 junior, 2 milking)

* Lakeshore FD Full Expectations (N1500886; 3 daughters--2 junior, 1 milking)

Lakeshore Full Force (N1328206; 1 milking daughter)

Lakeshore PS Perfect Aim (N1440163; 3 junior daughters)

Lakeshore PS Tropical Storm (N1440074; 1 milking daughter)

* Lakeshore UF Tanqueray OnRocks (N1530689; 2 daughters--1 junior, 1 milking)

Lakeshore-Farms HitTheJackpot (N1299049; 1 milking daughter)

Lassenwood Miller Ozzie (N1248785; 2 daughters--1 junior, 1 milking)

Lassenwood Zhivago Zen (N1174237; 5 milking daughters)

* Latte Da Jim Bowie (N1549904; 1 junior daughter)

* LH Mountain Vista Curlett (N1497406; junior get--no individual daughters placed)

Little-Bic's Rusty Bucket (N1336530; 1 milking daughter)

Loveland Brianna's Chinook (N1442622; 1 junior daughter)

Lynnhaven J Summer Heat Wave (N1312249; 1 milking daughter)

* M's Sagebrush MK Klass Action (N1517529; 1 junior daughter)

* M's Sagebrush Zap Milo (N1501265; 1 milking daughter)

Manges-Colony Beau Linus (N1013122; 2 milking daughters)

* Mega-Milkers Hocus-Pocus (AN1407779; 1 milking daughter)

* Mega-Milkers Timeles Tradition (N1436747; 2 daughters--1 junior, 1 milking)

* Mesa-de-Oro Hot Stuff (N1476105; 1 junior daughter)

Mojave-Dunes Nathan (N1230975; 1 milking daughter)

* Mosaic Crown Lyon (N1515164; 1 milking daughter)

* My-Enchanted-Acres Excaliber (N1522763; 3 junior daughters)

* My-Enchanted-Acres Zen's Reign (N1437501; 1 milking daughter)

* Pheonix Pharm Pilot (N1412663; senior get--no individual daughters placed)

Price O The Field Royal Prince (N0609029; 1 milking daughter)

* Rio Bonito The Viking (N1327413; 1 milking daughter)

Risin' Creek Count Charming (N1499677; 1 milking daughter)

Risin' Creek Dakota Sensation (N1451852; 5 daughters--4 junior, 1 milking)

Risin' Creek Mr. Fire Proof (N1447365; 1 junior daughter)

* Risin' Creek Top Contender (N1578478; 1 junior daughter)

Rising Moon Mercury at Sonset (N1357121; 1 milking daughter)

* Riverside Ranch A F Ajax (N1535661; 1 junior daughter)

* Royal Cedars Jette (N1580703; 1 junior daughter)

Royal Cedars Macintosh (N1268037; 2 milking daughters)

Saadda Bearly Bruin (N1373354; 4 daughters--2 junior, 2 milking)

Saada Gandolph Gado (N1129351; 1 milking daughter)

Saada Hellatious Bawky-Bird (N1402782; 1 milking daughter)

Saada Ishmael (N1371828; 1 milking daughter)

* Saada Jalal Hilkiah (N1449916; 4 milking daughters)

Sand-Bur-Kids SC Grizzly (N1336122; 2 milking daughters)

Split-Creek Abe's Patriot (N1396263; 1 milking daughter)

The Hill's Acres Such a Charm (N1296627; 3 daughters--1 junior, 2 milking)

* These Girls Rock N The Freeway (N1366294; 1 milking daughter)

Thunder-Ridge BT Patriot (N1232379; 1 milking daughter)

* Thunder-Ridge HS Haydon (N1570040; 3 junior daughters)

* Thunder-Ridge RDF Waterstrider (N1404599; 1 milking daughter)

* TLC-Farms Limited Edition (N1556505; 1 junior daughter)

* Top of TNT's SCC Last Chance (N1350849; 1 milking daughter)

* Urban Acres Mercury (N1546157; 1 junior daughter)

* Victory Meadows Midnite Blue (N1574792; 1 junior daughter)

* Wakan RO Gandoph (N1448795; 1 milking daughter)

* Whimsical Kids Biblos (N1436578; 2 milking daughters)

* Windflower Farm Elan (N1488587; 1 milking daughter)

Wingwood Farm AD Gran Patron (N1461922; 1 milking daughter)

Wingwood Farm KR Alessandro (N1336243; 1 milking daughter)

* Wingwood Farm Playboy Tupac (N1527626; 1 junior daughter)

Wingwood Farm Real Tactician (N1412681; 4 milking daughters)

Wingwood Farm Romeo's Laredo (N1265558; 1 milking daughter)

Wingwood Farm TS Timothy (N1372695; 3 milking daughters)

Wingwood Farm Ty Zapata (N1318362; 1 milking daughter)

* Wingwood Farm Vista's Tao (N1517657; 1 milking daughter)

* Wingwood Farm Vista's Tyrone (N1508460; 3 junior daughters)

In Memory of Karen Senn
Written by INBA
Monday, 02 January 2012 21:11

INBA deeply  mourns the passing of longtime INBA Director and visionary breeder, Karen Senn of Kastdemur’s Nubians & LaManchas, who died suddenly at her home in Redding, CA on Sunday Dec 18, 2011. Our hearts and prayers are with her beloved family - Krista, Eric and Peyton Myer and Erica Senn and her fiance’ Trevor Benson.

A pillar in not only the Nubian Breed but throughout the world of dairy goats, Karen entered the world of Nubians in her teens, 40+ years ago. It was a love affair that's flame never dimmed.

Throughout the years, her passion for Nubians and keen desire to keep improving the Nubian breed produced a herd of animals that became known for excellence on a local and national level. Her animals consistently placed at the top of their classes at the ADGA National Show – winning Nubian National Champion in 1997, 1999, 2001, 2005, 2008 and 2009 and Reserve National Champion in 1989, 2002 and 2006 – winning many other awards as well including Premier Breeder, Premier Sire and even Premier Exhibitor in Show.

Seeing animals she had sold and animals sired by her bucks top classes at Nationals always gave her as much joy as winning with her own herd did. She had an amazing ability to listen not only with her ears but with her heart … giving tirelessly and selflessly of her time and talents to support and encourage other breeders to achieve their own breeding goals. She had a special place in her heart for helping  the new breeders and youth/4H/FFA kids, taking them under her wing and guiding them to see animals correctly and present them impeccably.

Not content to excel in breeding beautiful Nubians, Karen became a devoted and passionate La Mancha breeder, again producing outstanding and consistent animals, including 2x National Champion SGCH Kastdemur’s Evian 2*M, the highest scoring animal ever appraised at 94!

Karen had a deep love for INBA and served our Association in many different capacities over the years. She was deeply touched to receive INBA’s Breeder of Excellence Award in 1997 and believed that Nubian Breeders were among the best people in the world.

She also devoted a great deal of time to dairy goats in general, serving ADGA for many years as a Director in District 8, as an Advanced Judge, and in recent years as a Linear Appraiser. She served as Chair of many ADGA Committees, including Judges TC, Advanced Judges and as a committee member on many others, and loved shaping and developing policies and programs that would impact both small and large breeders.

In the dairy goat world, she was one of those rare and unique people who come into lives and end up leaving eternal footprints on many hearts. She loved her precious daughters Erica and Krista fiercely and passionately; was enchanted and delighted to become a grandmother to little Peyton in September; was a mentor, friend and mom or sister to so many of us in goatdom; and wherever she went, she managed to leave more than a little love.

All of us were deeply blessed to have Karen in our lives and working on behalf of our breed. She will be deeply and forever missed, but live always in our hearts. Today we have a new angel watching over us – one whose smile lights the world.

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